Big Sky Fire Equipment / Affirmed Medical Services has been serving the Montana community for over 30 years. The company was started in March 1987 as a fire extinguisher sales and service company, Big Sky Fire Equipment has expanded into a full-line fire equipment and first aid safety business. Through company research, we have found quality brands and products that exceed our customer’s expectations.


Big Sky Fire Equipment is a certified dealer for Smeal fire trucks. We have experience working with one of the best fire apparatus manufacturers in the business. Smeal fire trucks are built from the ground up to meet every specification, with thousands of ways to customize. Choices extend to pretty much every aspect of your new fire truck, including what type of body material you want – 1/8” and 3/16” aluminum, and stainless steel.

U.S. Tanker

U.S. Tanker focuses on fire apparatuses for suburban and rural communities. They are built on strong American values and they want to work hard for their customers. All their equipment is certified and 100% American made.

Ladder Tower Company

Ladder Tower Company makes and services aerial trucks. These aerials help you to provide the service that you need to perform. With standard ladders to telescoping ladders to articulating water towers, they ensure that you have exactly what you need. Ladder Tower Company has been making aerials for over 40 years and improving their quality with each passing year.


Danko builds and customizes many different types of vehicles that you can use to perform your fire-fighting activities. With emergencies vehicles in high demand, their vehicles have been setting the standard for over 40 years. Not only making fire trucks they also make specialized vehicles for all of your needs including brush fire fighting vehicles, airport units, and wildland units.


Gimaex focuses on environmentally friendly ways to help companies fight fires but not cause hazards. Gimaex has foam products that can suppress fires more efficiently and safely than just water. Gimeax also provides equipment that can focus on specialized fires such as oil fires on water or when chemicals spill. They specialize on decontamination, specialized fires and other disasters are prepared for with careful planning and engineering of their vehicles.

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